PEO Regulators... Why ESAC is Important

Reliable Controlling Persons

Competent business and financial management is essential for a PEO’s success. The PEO must also employ staff with expertise in a variety of areas including accounting, computer automation, payroll and benefits administration, employment law compliance, human resources management and sales. While PEO controlling persons do not have to personally possess expertise in all of these areas, it is essential that the responsible PEO executives have the ability to hire and manage the required expertise, including establishing and enforcing the internal controls needed to ensure reliable service delivery.

ESAC ensures that accredited PEOs are managed by competent, ethical and reliable individuals by:

  • Conducting controlling person investigations using well-established, commercial service providers, and
  • Obtaining confidential input from well-informed sources in the marketplace.

Since its founding in 1995, ESAC's investigations of PEO controlling persons have not only proven reliable, but have also detected non-qualified controlling persons who had not been identified or disqualified by state PEO registration and licensing processes.