PEO Regulators... Why ESAC is Important

ESAC Services to Regulators

ESAC has been providing services to state agencies responsible for regulating PEOs since 2003. ESAC is fully capable of providing similar services to any federal agency with responsibility for some aspect of PEO regulation.

ESAC’s services are designed to:

  • Help agency staff be more effective in monitoring the compliance of PEOs with applicable laws and regulations, and
  • Help agencies accomplish their regulatory responsibilities more efficiently.

All services are provided at no cost and the agency retains full authority for all aspects of regulation. Services are customized to meet each agency’s requirements and are provided electronically in compliance with applicable electronic transaction laws and regulations.

The service relationship between the responsible agency and ESAC is established in different ways depending on applicable law and agency preferences. ESAC serves some states via a memorandum of understanding and serves other states under authority established by rule or statutory amendment. Model wording and examples of existing state service relationships are available upon request.