PEO Regulators... Why ESAC is Important

Sales Based on Service Value

The best and most reliable PEOs base their long-term business success on helping their clients be more successful. They provide this advantage by delivering lasting service value rather than striving for quick success based on a temporary advantage created by selling on price rather than value of services delivered.

PEOs that base their growth and profitability on service value rather than sales price, deliver that value by helping clients:

  1. Create efficiencies through use of web-based automation of administrative processes such as payroll processing, employee benefit administration and tax reporting;
  2. Hire and retain superior employees by offering attractive “big company” benefits;
  3. Improve workforce productivity through use of state-of-the-art HR policies, tools and training;
  4. More effectively manage employer liabilities and risks associated with employment law compliance and workplace safety; and
  5. Free up valuable time for owners, managers and key employees to focus on more important tasks that directly affect bottom line business results.

PEOs that deliver true lasting value will:

  1. Price their services in a financially responsible manner, and
  2. Sell based on service value rather than service price.

PEOs that operate in this manner have controlled growth, low client turnover, and adequate net worth and working capital.