PEO Regulators... Why ESAC is Important

PEO Industry Benefits

ESAC Benefits

Effective regulation of the PEO industry not only protects public interests but also protects industry interests.

Most PEOs are dependable, well-managed providers of valuable human resource outsourcing services for small to mid-size companies. These companies understand that the PEO industry has a vested interest in preventing financial defaults that create negative publicity and mistrust. They also understand the importance of preventing unscrupulous operators from engaging in illegal or ill-advised arbitrage to gain temporary pricing advantages, rather than selling and delivering lasting value through professional human resources and employment risk management services.

ESAC represents the PEO industry’s most effective source for ensuring adherence to important ethical, financial and operational best practices and for preventing unexpected financial defaults. Cooperative efforts between regulators and ESAC help accomplish these important objectives. That is why ESAC accreditation is recognized as the industry's "gold standard" for PEO reliability.