PEO Regulators... Why ESAC is Important

ESAC Certification & Bonding The Industry’s gold standard for
PEO financial reliability!

How Can ESAC Help You
Be More Efficient?

ESAC has been serving state PEO registration and licensing agencies for over a decade, with an increasing number of states taking advantage of ESAC’s Electronic Multi-state Application & Compliance (eMAC) services.

Using ESAC’s automated PEO reporting and monitoring process available via its eMAC system, state regulators can save significant time and resources and enjoy fast, secure 24/7 online access to all required PEO compliance information.

ESAC’s services and eMAC can be customized to meet each state’s requirements and are provided at no cost to the state. Learn more about ESAC’s eMAC services and its work as an Assurance Organization.

How Can ESAC Help You
Be More Effective?

ESAC’s accreditation processes provide regulators with access to  additional levels of PEO compliance verification.

Due to its comprehensive processes for identifying and monitoring all affiliated PEO entities in a PEO group, ESAC has successfully accredited both large and small PEOs representing more than half of the total industry’s service volume for almost two decades without a single financial default.

ESAC’s certification of PEOs' compliance with its accreditation standards and with state regulatory requirements identifies and addresses issues before they become problems for state agencies, and frees agency staff to focus more attention on PEOs with financial or other compliance issues.

Learn more about how ESAC's compliance verification processes can benefit your agency.

How Can ESAC Help You
Protect Public Interests?

Adequately capitalized and well-managed PEOs provide valuable services to small to mid-size businesses and therefore further public interests.

ESAC’s processes have proven to help preemptively resolve financial and operational issues before they could develop into a harmful default in the PEO’s obligations to its clients and state agencies.

In addition to ensuring accredited PEOs' compliance with important ethical, financial and operational standards, ESAC provides over $15 million of financial assurance backing each accredited PEO's payment of important employer obligations.

Learn more about how ESAC’s services protect public interests.