PEOs... Why Become Accredited

Sales & Marketing Advantages

ESAC’s accreditation services include a variety of tools to help your PEO fully utilize the significant sales & marketing value of meeting the PEO industry’s gold standard! Check out a few of your exclusive advantages:

  • ESAC Click CounterProspects find YOU from ESAC's "Find a PEO" webpages with links directly back to your PEO's website! These search pages are consistently the most visited pages on ESAC's website... in fact, check our counter to the right to see how often your very best prospects are clicking to find an accredited PEO or to verify a PEO's accredited status!
  • Find a PEO and verify accreditationESAC's "Click to Verify" logo on your website sends your client and prospects to your customized accreditation verification webpage where they can verify your accreditation, view your targeted marketing message and confirm their coverage under ESAC's valuable Client Assurance program, all with no exposure to competitors!
  • ESAC's eConnect service enables your prospects to submit contact data and key business information that can be matched to your client qualification criteria.
  • ESAC's SEO efforts send your key prospects and existing clients to ESAC's market-facing website where targeted messages help them understand the significant value of doing business with your accredited PEO.
  • Your PEO's accreditation certificate provides tangible evidence of your PEO's accreditation and financial assurance program coverage.
  • ESAC marketing collateral, including professional leave-behind sales brochures and a customizable impact movie, provide evidence of the importance and value of your PEO’s accreditation.
  • Selling the ESAC Advantage is made easier via ESAC's sales training videos, webcasts and support documents that provide valuable tips on proven sales methods.