PEOs... Why Become Accredited

Calculate Your Return on Investment!

Your PEO's ESAC accreditation is a wise investment in your company's growth, profitability and value. Measure your PEO's return-on-investment in its:

PEO Financial AdvantageVerified Growth Advantages:

  • A multi-year analysis of PEO growth rates indicates that, based on federal wage reporting and excluding growth due to acquisitions, the average and median annual growth rates of accredited PEOs are well over 50% of the growth rates of the overall industry.

Increased PEO Valuation:

  • Silva Capital Management conducted a 2012 study of all documented acquisitions and mergers over the prior 18 years. Study results showed that the valuation multiple of earnings for accredited PEOs was 120% to 140% higher than the valuation multiple of non-accredited PEOs. Wanda Silva believes the higher valuation for accredited PEOs is likely the result of the added confidence buyers have in their ability to make money from the transaction because of the ongoing due diligence done by ESAC as part of accreditation, in addition to the buyer's one-time due diligence done immediately prior to the acquisition or merger.

Tangible Time and Cost Savings on PEO State Regulatory Compliance:

  • ESAC's eMAC service is recognized by an increasing number of states as an option for accredited PEOs to demonstrate compliance with state regulatory requirements. eMAC saves accredited PEOs significant time and money in complying with multi-state requirements via its "One form, one time, and you're done!" service.
  • ESAC's regulatory surety bond program provides accredited PEOs with extremely favorable below-market rates (generally .5% per million) on bonds required by state or federal agencies, with no additional financial information, collateral or indemnity required.

Tangible Financial Assurance for Increased Value to Clients, Insurers and Regulators:

  • ESAC's client assurance program provides over $15 million in tangible financial assurance to your PEO's clients, employees, insurers and taxing authorities.

Increased Sales and Client Retention through Cutting Edge Sales & Marketing Tools:

Accreditation is a difference-maker for an increasing number of businesses seeking PEO services. ESAC helps PEOs market this advantage via its:

  • Click to Verify” logo leading prospective and existing clients to your PEO's customized and stand-alone accreditation verification website promoting the benefits of your accredited status;
  • Find a PEO” feature linking prospective clients visiting ESAC website to accredited PEOs;
  • ESAC's eConnect service that helps prospective PEO clients find accredited PEOs that best match their company needs;
  • ESAC Click CounterESAC's sales, marketing and client retention tools and services including certificates, professional brochure, impact movie, training videos, automated marketing messages, support documents and ESAC’s market-facing website; and
  • Instant credibility and easier sales process to your high quality prospects and their trusted advisors through ESAC's independent verification of your adherence to important financial, operational and ethical standards. (Many accredited PEOs have told ESAC that selling just one high quality client due to the assurances offered through accreditation more than pays for their accreditation costs!)