PEOs... Why Become Accredited

Regulatory Surety Bond Program

ESAC's regulatory surety bond program provides accredited PEOs with exclusive cost-saving benefits.

Accredited PEOs can save 50% or more on surety bonds that may be required by state or federal agencies to satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • No additional financial information, collateral or indemnity is required!
  • Most bonds are provided at a significantly discounted 0.5% rate.
  • IRS certification bonds will be discounted even further to a 0.25% rate.
  • Bonds can be used to satisfy state registration or licensing requirements, as well as state bonding required for your clients to avoid joint and several liability for UI taxes.
  • Bonds are provided through A-rated U.S. Treasury-listed surety carriers, currently Platte River Insurance Company, a carrier under Capitol Insurance Companies which is a subsidiary of Alleghany Insurance Holdings LLC.