PEOs... Why Become Accredited

IRS Certification for Accredited PEOs

The Small Business Efficiency Act of 2014 (SBEA) represents a historic milestone for the PEO industry in that it provides federal recognition of PEO services.

IRS certification will focus on ensuring a PEO's payment of federal employment taxes.

ESAC accreditation will continue to provide assurance of a PEO's payment of the full range of PEO employer responsibilities including both federal and state employment taxes as well as contributions to employee retirement plans and payment of health and workers' compensation premiums.

Because business owners want assurance their PEO is paying all of its key employer responsibilities, ESAC's comprehensive time-tested certification of compliance and financial assurance will remain the Gold Standard for market differentiation.

For those accredited PEOs that elect to become IRS certified, ESAC can help make IRS certification easier and less expensive. Accredited PEOs will have the advantage of more efficient IRS certification qualification, plus a deeply discounted 0.25% rate for the required IRS bond.

For those PEOs that become ESAC bonded and certified in 2017, ESAC will provide:

  • Free compliance audit to help you qualify for IRS certification in 2017;
  • IRS certification bond assistance;
  • 100% waiver of 1st year ESAC accreditation fee; and
  • Proven sales advantages, plus state licensing savings.

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ESAC and IRS Certification Differences