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Accreditation Fee

ESAC's PEO accreditation fee covers the cost of accreditation and regulatory compliance services and is based on PEO annual gross wages as shown in the below table. Quickly calculate your annual accreditation fee by entering your PEO's annual estimated wages:

Estimated Annual Wages:
Amount of
Annual Gross Wages

Annual Accreditation Fee
(effective 1/1/2014)

$0 to $50 million$  2,400 plus $315 per million over $10 million
$50 to $100 million$15,000 plus $200 per million over $50 million
$100 to $250 million$25,000 plus $80 per million over $100 million
$250 to $500 million$37,000 plus $30 per million over $250 million
$500 million to $1 billion$44,500 plus $15 per million over $500 million
$1 billion to $5 billion$52,000 plus $5 per million over $1 billion
$5 billion and above$72,000 plus $2 per million over $5 billion

Bond Fee

ESAC purchases a $15 million aggregate surety bond for accredited PEO that backs ESAC's valuable Client Assurance Program. An individual surety bond is also required for each accredited PEO, which reimburses ESAC for the direct cost of this bond.

The required bond amount is based on 5% of the PEO’s prior year state and federal employment tax liability and ranges from a minimum amount of $250K ($2,500 cost) to a maximum of $1M ($10,000 cost) rounded up to the nearest $50,000. Smaller PEOs may elect to purchase a $1M individual bond if desired.

Both the individual bond and the $15 million aggregate bond are held in trust at a national bank on behalf of the clients and employees of accredited PEOs.

Application Fee

PEOs applying for accreditation pay a $5,000 Application Fee which, upon accreditation, will be applied to the cost of the above "Bond Fee," with any amount in excess of the Bond Fee being refunded.

Application Fees are refunded if the Applicant is not approved for accreditation after submittal of all required information/corrective actions. Application Fees are retained if the Applicant fails to complete its application within 120 days, withdraws from the accreditation process, or fails to complete all required actions to qualify for accreditation.