PEOs... Why Become Accredited

Apply in 2017 for FREE First Year Accreditation Fee!

ESAC is offering a limited-time accreditation fee discount for PEOs applying for accreditation during 2017. With this discount, your PEO will benefit from positive ROI in every year of your accreditation!

  • 100% of the accreditation fees are waived during your first 12 months of accreditation
  • You only reimburse ESAC for its direct cost for your required individual surety bond, which provides from $250K to $1M in coverage based on your PEO's size.

ESAC purchases a $15M umbrella bond to cover any unexpected claims in excess of your PEO's individual bond. So you're able to provide your clients with over $15M of financial assurance and the peace of mind that comes with your clients being able to verify your PEO's accreditation and their financial assurance online 24/7/365!

Best of all, your ongoing cost of accreditation will be offset by your gross profits from additional sales and client retentions and savings on state regulatory compliance!

Your PEO's Accreditation ROI

Call ESAC at 501-219-2045 to obtain a customized ROI spreadsheet based on your PEO's numbers. This ROI will show accreditation as a difference maker for your PEO using a very conservative estimate of the addition or retention of only one additional client per year in competitive situations... an assumption that any accredited PEO will confirm to be conservative.



"No matter how big or small, the accredited PEO has gained a disproportionate market share.

Of all the marketing dollars spent over many years, the most effective and efficient have been ESAC dollars."

John Slavic, Slavic 401K

"… during this 18-year period, accredited PEOs enjoyed an average market valuation (expressed as a multiple of EBITDA) that was 120-140% higher than the market multiple for non-accredited PEOs!"

Wanda Silva, Silva Capital Solutions, Inc.