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John Slavic
President & CEO, Slavic 401K

No matter how big or small, the accredited PEO has gained a disproportionate market share. Of all the marketing dollars spent over many years, the most effective and efficient have been ESAC dollars.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Joe Worth, VP/Partner, B2B CFO

The most important piece of advice when hiring a PEO: Do your due diligence. The best are accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation...

Alex Pisani
General Counsel and Vice President, Strategic Development, Engage PEO

ESAC's state compliance team is not just professional, knowledgeable and readily available, but a true partner to Engage. Thanks for making it easier for PEOs to do business, one state at a time.

Wanda Silva
President, Silva Capital Solutions, Inc.

To increase profitability and market value, Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. highly recommends ESAC accreditation for every PEO, from start-ups to well-established companies, looking for a growth plan or exit strategy. Here’s why:

Based on our recent study of 18 years of documented mergers and acquisitions, our research proved, without question, that accredited PEOs commanded an optimum market valuation relative to their profitability and overall market demand at the time of sale. Specifically, during this 18-year period, accredited PEOs enjoyed an average market valuation (expressed as a multiple of EBITDA) that was 120-140% higher than the market multiple for non-accredited PEOs!

A PEO’s market multiple is governed by the balance between risk and reward as perceived by the parties involved in the sale. Accredited PEOs have a strong advantage because they provide the prospective acquirer with the assurance of proven third party verification of compliance with important financial, ethical and operational best practices that makes due diligence easier and more trustworthy. This increases the certainty of financial profitability for the acquirer and translates into a competitive advantage for any PEO, large or small, in selling and retaining profitable clients.

Midge Seltzer
President, Engage PEO

Being ESAC accredited makes a significant and positive difference. Coming from a non-accredited PEO, I witnessed the added dimensions that our ESAC accreditation brings, especially in the sales process and ease of state licensing. Engage’s ESAC accreditation unmistakably assisted in our rapid growth and success.

Clay Kelley
Rush Human Resources, LLC

...Now more than ever, PEO prospects are doing more due diligence in their decision making process and are looking for the assurance that ESAC accreditation provides. I'm convinced that the PEO industry is going to go through explosive growth, and companies that are accredited by ESAC are going to be uniquely positioned as the provider of choice in competitive situations. I'm also convinced that in the near future, many clients are going to require ESAC as a criteria in their due diligence process...

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Bill Cleary
VP-Client Relations, Landrum Human Resources

I recently met with a Finance Committee from one of our largest clients. This nonprofit group was looking at a “cheaper offer” from a non-ESAC accredited PEO. I explained that Landrum is ESAC accredited, and I told them all about what that means to them – serious peace of mind since they have significant payroll size.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is we kept the account!  Thank you, ESAC, for all you do, especially in helping us explain the value of our accreditation!

Bob Burbidge
President, Genesis Consolidated Services

We were able to accomplish broadened insurance coverage and achieved savings on premiums as well. For us, it was yet another reason why we greatly value our accreditation through ESAC.


Jay Starkman
CEO, Engage PEO

We already knew the value of ESAC accreditation based on our prior PEO experience, so one of our first steps after forming Engage was to become accredited.

We immediately parlayed our accreditation (among other things) to 'level the playing field,' which is difficult to do for any new company. Part of the Engage-standard sales protocol is to point out to prospects that they would likely never work with a non-FDIC insured bank … so why would they ever work with a non-ESAC accredited PEO? We emphasize the standards and quarterly audits as providing assurance that our organization is sound and, in fact, no ESAC-accredited PEO has ever failed. The then $11 million bonds (now $16 million) really matters to prospects. In addition, ESAC's eMAC program expedites our licensing in many states.

With the advantages of accreditation in hand, we were able to recruit top sales professionals and successfully compete in the marketplace. In short order, Engage’s growth rate rivals that of any PEO in the industry and today we are a profitable, mid-size PEO. We couldn’t have done it without our ESAC accreditation.

I say to anyone who hasn't taken the steps necessary to meet ESAC's standards and become accredited: 'Why has it taken you this long?'

Britt Landrum, Jr.
CEO, Landrum Professional Employer Services

Landrum faces low-ball pricing every day in the highly competitive Florida marketplace. ESAC’s financial assurance program helps us sell the value of our services at a fair price against underpriced competition. It also helps protect our existing clients from the frequent proposals they receive from such competitors. The tangible value of this program is easy for prospects and clients to understand, just like we feel more assured about our bank deposits because of the FDIC. I believe this is the best marketing investment that we can make.

James F. Keegan
Director, Adams Keegan
Past Chairman, NASD and NASDAQ
Co-founder, Morgan Keegan & Co.

When is the last time you heard of a customer losing money in a bank or securities brokerage failure? We want to be part of an industry with that kind of solid foundation!

Based on my close involvement with the creation and maturation of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and knowing the solid foundation it has provided for the securities industry, it's easy for me to see that ESAC will provide the same beneficial effects for the PEO industry.

It's also gratifying to see that our ESAC accreditation has been the deciding factor in helping Adams Keegan win in competitive sales situations.