PEOs... Why Become Accredited

Marketplace Advantages

ESAC's accreditation and financial assurance programs can provide the greatest ROI of any sales & marketing investment you make! Your accredited PEO will have the advantage of proven market advantages including:

New Client Sales Advantages:

  • Accreditation gives your PEO instant credibility plus competitive differentiation to help you sell your top prospects on service value rather than price.
  • Your top client prospects and their trusted legal and financial advisors quickly accept accreditation as the standard for due diligence for a PEO relationship.
  • Clients and prospects gain confidence in your PEO's financial reliability and compliance with important employment laws and regulations based on ESAC’s time-tested independent accreditation processes and over $15 million financial assurance program.

Client Retention and Referral Advantages:Satisfied Small Business Owners and PEO Clients

  • Accreditation’s value and Client Assurance Program insulates existing clients from being influenced by price-based, lower value competitors.
  • Lead generation and referrals from your client’s trusted advisors provide valuable new untapped business opportunities.

Sales & Marketing Tools and Support:

  • ESAC’s “Click to Verify” logo on your website sends your client and prospects to your customized accreditation verification webpage, with no exposure to competitors.
  • Prospects find YOU from ESAC’s “Find a PEO” webpages (the most visited pages on ESAC’s website) with links directly back to your PEO’s website!
  • Your PEO’s accreditation certificate provides tangible credible evidence of your PEO’s accreditation and financial assurance program coverage.
  • ESAC marketing collateral, including professional leave-behind sales brochures and a customizable impact movie, provide unbiased evidence of the importance and value of your PEO’s accreditation.
  • Your sales team benefits from training videos, webcasts and support documents that provide valuable tips on proven methods for selling the ESAC Advantage.