PEOs... Why Become Accredited

Let's Get Your Application Underway!

ESAC staff is here to help you every step of the way with the successful completion of your application. Following these initial steps will help the process go smoothly for your PEO:

CEO/President Tasks:

  1. Contact Jane McCoggins or Rex Eley at ESAC (501-219-2045) to discuss your goals for accreditation. We'll work with you and your team to help you meet your preferred time frame, including providing on-site assistance if you wish.Accreditation direction
  2. Select a detail-oriented conscientious Application Coordinator to work with ESAC on the application process.
  3. Inform your staff of your intention to become accredited:
    • Emphasize the need for their cooperation with the Application Coordinator who will be responsible for ensuring required forms and documents are submitted to ESAC;
    • Ensure they understand the requirement for all data to be fully and accurately submitted.
  4. Most successful applicants have at least one issue to address to be in full compliance with ESAC’s accreditation standards. We'll help you develop a plan and provide a reasonable time frame for addressing any issues.

Application Coordinator Tasks:

  1. Contact Jane McCoggins at ESAC (501-219-2045) for a quick orientation of the application process and to help you assign portions of ESAC's online application to team members who will be most familiar with the required information.
  2. Submit required financial data for confidential evaluation by ESAC's financial advisor and surety carrier. We can discuss exactly what is needed during our initial call.
  3. Review ESAC’s Controlling Person definitions to verify who qualifies and ensure each individual submits a Controlling Person application. We can review this during our initial call.
  4. Work with your independent CPA to provide the required online verification of your PEO's tax and benefits payments for the most recent calendar quarter. We can discuss during our call the agreed-upon procedures that will need to be provided to your CPA for this verification process.
  5. Complete ESAC's online accreditation application forms/worksheets and upload required supporting documents. We'll be happy to help either by phone, web conference or on-site. This process only takes a couple of hours if you have the required information available.
  6. ESAC's review and approval process will take about 4 weeks once your application is complete.

Call 501-219-2045 with any questions or to get started. We're here to help!