PEOs... Why Become Accredited

How Does Accreditation Help the PEO Industry?

Demonstrated Credibility! Industries that establish and implement self-regulation send a clear message of legitimacy and credibility to their customers and regulators. This self-regulation is particularly critical in the PEO industry where large amounts of cash are aggregated and "bad actors" can harm the industry's reputation.

Similar to the missions of the FDIC for the banking industry, SIPC for the securities industry and state insurance guaranty associations, ESAC's accreditation and financial assurance programs help protect your investment in the industry by building trust and providing protection to the public, insurers and regulators.

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How Will Accreditation
Help My PEO?

Sales & Marketing Advantages! Your top client prospects and their trusted advisors will immediately recognize the value of your PEO's accreditation, boosting your sales, client retention and referral opportunities! And selling the value of your accredited PEO's services is made even easier with ESAC's new sales & marketing services and tools.

Simplified Regulatory Compliance! PEO accreditation is increasingly recognized as an important distinction by vendors and state regulatory agencies, enabling you to significantly decrease the time and cost of doing business and complying with regulatory requirements.

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How Do I Get Started
With Accreditation?

ESAC's online application and staff assistance help make the accreditation process simple and convenient.

Just give us a call and we'll give you a quick orientation to get your process underway and will also be available to help you every step of the way. Be assured that your application materials and the fact that you are applying will be held in complete confidence.

Apply OnlineQuickly verify that your PEO meets accreditation standards by using ESAC's 7 question Qualification Checklist and review the steps for getting your application started.