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Former IRS and Department of Labor Executives Join ESAC's Board

ESAC's accredited PEOs recently elected two distinguished former industry regulators to ESAC's board. Nan Marks served the IRS as Division Counsel and Associate Chief Counsel and Pete Fleming served the US Department of Labor as Regional Director, Office of Unemployment Insurance.

Both of these directors bring valuable experience to ESAC's board and will serve as Independent Directors, helping to guide and govern ESAC's programs of accreditation, financial assurance and state regulatory compliance services. Access ESAC’s board of directors page to learn more about Nan, Pete and ESAC's other board members.

New Industry Directors Elected to ESAC’s Board

Accredited PEO representatives recently elected two new directors to the ESAC board during their 2016 annual meeting. Dawn Davidson Drantch, Corporate Counsel for Alcott HR and Bill Maness, President/Owner of Syndeo Outsourcing were both elected as PEO Industry Directors.

Learn more about ESAC's Independent Directors, Industry Directors and Professional Advisory Directors at ESAC Board of Directors.

New Hampshire DOL Approves ESAC's eMAC Services

ESAC was recently approved as a qualified assurance organization by the New Hampshire Department of Labor (DOL). This approval enables accredited PEOs to enjoy the advantage of more efficient verification of compliance with the DOL's PEO licensing requirements.

Nineteen state agencies now accept ESAC’s regulatory services, including its eMAC service, which are provided to the states free of charge. See states accepting ESAC's eMAC services to see the ESAC advantage.

Discounted IRS and Regulatory Surety Bond Rates for Accredited PEOs

ESAC's surety carrier recently confirmed the following discounted surety bond rates exclusively for accredited PEOs:

  • IRS Certification Bonds: provided at a significantly discounted 0.25% rate.
  • State Licensing Bonds: 0.5% of the bond value (reduced by 33% in 2015 due to flawless accredited PEO record with surety carrier).

These greatly-discounted rates reflect the carriers’ ongoing confidence in ESAC’s accreditation processes and successful 20–year history of zero defaults. ESAC program and state/federal regulatory bonds will continue to be provided through A-rated U.S. Treasury-listed sureties.

ESAC Financial Assurance Covers Over $75 Billion in Employee Wages

With the addition of 14 PEO Groups accredited in 2014 and 2015, ESAC now serves PEOs representing over $75 billion in annual employee wages. Accredited firms range in size from startups to small PEOs operating in one state to larger PEOs operating nationally. Any PEO's accreditation status may be verified from the "Verify" or "Find a PEO" links at the top of the page.

Seth D. Harris Welcomed as ESAC Independent Director

Seth D. Harris, Counsel at Dentons, was recently elected to ESAC's Board of Directors. His previous experience as Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor and Obama Administration Cabinet member bring valuable experience to ESAC's Board. Seth will serve as an Independent Director, helping to guide and govern ESAC's programs of accreditation, financial assurance and state regulatory compliance services. Access ESAC’s board of directors page to learn more about Seth and ESAC's other board members.

ESAC Welcomes 3 Newly Accredited PEOs in December

ESAC announced the accreditation of 3 PEOs by its Independent Directors in December 2015. Newly accredited PEOs are American One Source, Inc. (Waco, TX), Paychex Business Solutions LLC (St. Petersburg, FL) and RMPersonnel, Inc. (El Paso, TX).

These firms join other accredited PEOs in enjoying the many advantages of ESAC such as the sales & marketing benefits of ESAC's $15M financial assurance program, time & cost savings in multi-state licensing processes via ESAC's eMAC services, and assistance with the pending IRS certification process. Congratulations on meeting the gold standard of the PEO industry!

John Slavic Elected ESAC Chairman

John Slavic, President and CEO of Slavic401k, was elected as ESAC's Chairman during the recent accredited PEO annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ. John’s extensive experience and knowledge of the PEO industry will be a great asset as he leads ESAC's board of directors in its oversight of ESAC's accreditation and assurance programs.

Entrepreneur says the best PEOs are accredited by ESAC!

A recent article published by Entrepreneur tells small business owners that the most important advice when hiring a PEO is to do their due diligence to confirm the PEO's financial responsibility and stability, and notes that "the best are accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation." Author Joe Worth, VP and Partner of B2B CFO, describes PEOs as one of the best-kept secrets of many successful small businesses.

ESAC Increases Financial Assurance to Over $15 Million

Effective 1/1/2014, ESAC's financial assurance program was increased by 50% to over $15 million in coverage. Similar to the FDIC for the banking industry, this program provides accredited PEO clients, employees, insurers and regulatory authorities with valuable coverage in the unlikely event their PEO defaults on its financial obligations.

ESAC Website Serves Small Business, PEOs and PEO Industry Regulators

ESAC's website at makes it easy for representatives from businesses, PEOs and PEO industry regulators to find services and information targeting their specific interests.

Businesses can review the many values of PEO services (particularly vital in helping to comply with small business regulatory complexities and new regulations such as Obamacare), and learn why ESAC's accreditation and financial assurance services should be an important criteria in selecting a PEO partner. The site also makes it easy for businesses to find a PEO that can best serve their company's needs through ESAC's "find a PEO by state" or "find a PEO with eConnect" functions.

PEOs can review the many advantages accreditation can provide to their organization and to their industry, see what PEOs, regulators and small business clients say about ESAC's value, review accreditation criteria and complete their online application.

Industry regulators can learn about how accreditation can help protect public interests and how ESAC's services can help increase regulatory effectiveness and efficiency.

Wall Street Journal Recognizes Accreditation Value

Read the most recent Wall Street Journal article describing the PEO service relationship and emphasizing the importance of ESAC accreditation in the PEO selection process.