ESAC Program Overview

ESAC Mission

ESAC's mission is to build integrity and trust and provide assurance to the PEO industry so the industry can reach its full potential in support of America's small businesses. To accomplish its mission, ESAC will:

  1. Establish standards for ethical conduct, professional competency, and financial and operational reliability;
  2. Provide a credible program of accreditation based on independent verification of standards compliance, so PEOs can voluntarily demonstrate they meet the industry’s gold standard of reliability;
  3. Provide financial assurance and notification programs to assure clients, employees, insurers and government authorities that accredited PEOs are meeting their contractual and fiduciary responsibilities;
  4. Provide services to make PEO compliance with state and federal laws and regulations more efficient and reliable; and
  5. Educate the employer services industry, the public, and state and federal regulators about the importance of ESAC's mission.

ESAC's vision is for PEO services to be a trusted, commonly accepted way for small to mid-sized businesses to meet their employer responsibilities.