Business Owners... Why Use an Accredited PEO

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Joe Worth, VP/Partner, B2B CFO

"A PEO is one of the best-kept secrets of many successful small businesses. The most important piece of advice when hiring a PEO: Do your due diligence.

The best are accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation…"

Julie Fry
CPA, Salmon Sims Thomas

...We are assured that the PEO is doing what they need to be doing if they are accredited by ESAC.

ESAC proves that the PEO is credible and trustworthy...

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Andy Musci
President, Acoustic Design Firm

We trust our PEO because of their outstanding service to us over the past 10 years, but if we had to change, we wouldn’t consider a service proposal from another PEO unless they were ESAC accredited. It is good to know that all we have to do is log on to at any time to find out if our service provider is still financially stable and meeting important industry standards.

Francis Chow
CFO, Chronicity Inc.

Working with a PEO requires a great deal of trust. 

How do you know a PEO is financially stable and trustworthy? ESAC is a good way to find out...

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Patricia Thorp
President, Public Relations Firm

We always prefer to conduct business with accredited organizations. It gives us peace of mind because we know our PEO is living up to the highest standards in the industry.

Kevin Arnstein
Insurance Broker

Knowing that ESAC accredited PEOs meet important industry standards and their service commitment is backed by tangible financial assurance makes all the difference to me in recommending a PEO to my clients.

Mitch Kantor
Partner, CPA Firm

The financial assurance provided by ESAC’s monitoring process and surety bonds certainly make me more comfortable recommending a PEO to my clients.