Business Owners... Why Use an Accredited PEO

Would you use a bank without FDIC? Why use a PEO without ESAC! ESAC’s financial assurance backs accredited
PEOs with millions of dollars of bonding.

What IS a PEO and Why Should I Use One?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide integrated services to effectively manage your company’s critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks.

PEOs free you from the burden of employment administration allowing you to instead focus on your company's growth and profitability!

Learn more about the services and benefits of working with a PEO and the benefits of choosing a PEO that has been accredited by ESAC!

Inc Magazine and PEOssays:

"PEOs are becoming one-stop shops for business owners eager to outsource all of their HR functions and focus instead on their core business."

So Why Should My PEO be ESAC Accredited?

Proven Reliability! Accreditation is the only practical way to confirm a PEO's ongoing financial reliability and compliance with regulatory rules and industry best practices.

Financial Assurance! Similar to the FDIC for banks, ESAC provides millions of dollars in bonding to back key employer responsibilities.

Peace of Mind! Confirming a PEO's accreditation saves time in your due diligence process. You can sleep well knowing your PEO meets the industry's gold standard!

Learn more about ESAC accreditation and financial assurance.

Wall Street Journal says ESAC accredited PEOs are best says:

" homework about a potential partner. For starters, look to see if it's accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation."


How do I Choose a Reliable PEO?

Find a PEO and verify accreditationFirst, look for the ESAC "Click to Verify" logo on the PEO's website! Then, verify the PEO has the services and capabilities to meet your company’s needs.

You can start by clicking the below links to:

Find a PEO in your state OR

Use ESAC's eConnect service to let us help you connect with accredited PEOs that can best serve your business needs.

Entrepreneur and accredited PEOssays:

"A PEO is one of the best-kept secrets of many successful small businesses. The best are accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation..."